25 beautiful white molded shell chair

2016.11.30 , Adam robinson

It is not required to submit a portfolio for undergraduate Interior Architecture & Design programs. However, there are two reasons why applicants for undergraduate Interior Architecture & Design may be asked to submit a portfolio: If the applicant is transferring credits and seeking advanced placement or if the applicant does not meet the minimum GPA requirements.

A portfolio is a visual narrative that clearly demonstrates creative work and processes.The portfolio will demonstrate a student’s academic background or experience in the Interior Architecture & Design field.

While there is no one type of successful portfolio, do remember that the reviewer is curious to see your best work and will make a decision based on the creativity you display. We recommend that you edit your work by presenting each project in a clear, concise, and legible manner.

Do not include too many projects. Think of the progression of your work; do you want to show how each project builds on another or are they standalone projects that show your diverse talents. Finally, and most importantly, have fun, express yourself, believe in your work, and do not be afraid to show your talent, aspirations, and dreams. You are applying to a design school and your interest demonstrates a desire to create something unique that will touch many people around you.

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